Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A lit bit more of my classroom

Hi again! I can't seem to stay away. I can't help but want to share more of my classroom. First off, if you haven't noticed, my classroom theme is ANIMAL PRINT! I love it! It's so fun and inviting and the kids really enjoy it. 
My first picture is my Welcome sign. I feel like it really sets the tone and is inviting to all those who come to my classroom. Each letter is separate, so I am able to use it vertically or horizontally.
The second picture is my word wall. I have over 100 words that will eventually be on our wall. (I think there are currently 40 on there). The alphabet is animal print (of course!) and the words are all surrounded by a bright green, blue, pink, yellow, or purple border. I laminated them so they will last for many years. I also have a stamp activity that I will use for Word Work that goes along with my word wall.
Finally, my pride and joy, my schedule cards! Every morning I discuss what the events of our day will be. Having a visible schedule helps me avoid the constant.. WHAT ARE WE DOING NEXT?? AND.. WHEN IS LUNCH??

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